How can I learn more about your compounding pharmacy services?

For more information about our compounding pharmacy services or to speak with one of our knowledgeable pharmacists, please contact us at 434-237-6337. We are here to assist you with all your medication needs!

Can compounded medications be shipped to my location?

Yes, we offer shipping throughout Virginia and local Lynchburg delivery services for compounded medications to patients who are unable to pick up their prescriptions in person. Simply provide us with your shipping information, and we will ensure that your medications are safely packaged and delivered to your doorstep.

Can compounded medications be used for hormone replacement therapy (HRT)?

Yes, compounded medications can be customized for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to meet each patient's unique hormonal needs. Our pharmacists work closely with healthcare providers to develop personalized hormone therapy regimens tailored to individual patients.

Do I need a prescription for compounded medications?

Yes, compounded medications require a prescription from a licensed healthcare provider. Our pharmacists work closely with prescribers to ensure that each compounded medication is formulated safely and accurately according to the patient's specific needs.

Do you make medications for animals?

Absolutely! Just like humans, animals sometimes require medications tailored to their specific needs, whether it's due to allergies, dosage preferences, or the need for specialized formulations. Our pharmacy understands the unique requirements of different species, from household pets like dogs and cats to exotic animals and livestock. So whether it's a flavored medication for your finicky feline or a custom dosage for your large breed dog, we're here to ensure your furry, feathered, and scaled companions receive the precise care they deserve.

How is compounding different from other pharmacies?

Compounding pharmacies differ from traditional pharmacies in that they have the ability to customize medications to meet the unique and specific needs of individual patients. Compounding pharmacies tailor medications to specific dosage forms, strengths, and flavors while traditional pharmacies dispense pre-manufactured medications in standard dosages and forms. The flexibility allows us to cater to patients with allergies and sensitivities. Additionally, compounding pharmacies can create medications that are not commercially available or have been discontinued, providing solutions for patients with unique medical needs.

What is a Compounding Pharmacy?

Compounding pharmacy is the practice of preparing personalized medications tailored to meet the unique needs of individual patients.At Timberlake Health & Wellness,, our specially trained pharmacists blend, mix, or alter ingredients to create custom medications not available in standard form. These customized medications can be tailored to specific dosage strengths, forms and even flavors to accommodate patients' preferences or unique medical requirements. Whether it's adjusting the dosage for a child, creating a hypoallergenic formulation, or providing medications for veterinary use, compounding allows us to provide personalized solutions to meet each patient's needs effectively.